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Issue: 066, 28/01/29 p. 62, Section: Popular Literature
Heading: Picturesque, Para 4
Category: Geography   Mountains   Alps   Literature   
Topic: The Vale of Urseren. [Description of the strong contrast between the turbulent Reuss on one side of a rock tunnel and its calmness in the valley on the other side. The valley was once a lake bed]
Source: Tableau de la Suisse, 135-137   

Issue: 066, 28/01/29 p. 62
Heading: Medico-Botanical Society
Category: Medicine   Botany   
Topic: [Anniversary meeting of the society. Reports show an increase of 245 members, an addition of 100 volumes to the library and 7000 new plants to the society`s collection. Resignation of Sir James McGrigor as president. Election of council and officers. Address of the president, Earl Stanhope. Presentation of medals. Dr John Hancock receives the gold medal for his work on the Angostura bark-tree and the Vandellia diffusa. Professor Fresco Caldi receives the silver medal. Earl Stanhope reaffirms the objects of the society, calling for more research into indigenous plants as a substitute for expensive imported drugs]
Person: MACGRIGOR, Sir James   STANHOPE, Earl   SMITH, Sir James Edward   THUNBERG, John Peter   BOSE (late of Paris)   CHORIS   HANCOCK, Dr. John   CALDI, Prof. Fresco   
Institution: Medico-Botanical Society   Linnaean Society   Geographical Society, Paris   
Speech, 16/1/29
Issue: 066, 28/01/29 p. 63, Section: Popular Literature
Heading: Oneirological, Para 11
Category: Medicine   Psychology   Pregnancy   Folklore   Dreams   
Topic: A Five Days` Dream. [Account of a rare manuscript in the British Museum, about a patient of St. Bartholomew`s Hospital, Nicholas Heart. Heart slept for five days every August, as his mother had done in her labour, before awakening to give birth to him. He and his mother dreamed the same dream every year]
Person: MORGAN, William   PAIMER, John   HEART, Nicholas   

Issue: 066, 28/01/29 p. 63, Section: Popular Literature
Heading: Political, Para 1
Category: Public Administration   Social Welfare   Social Sciences   Political Economy   Co-operative Movement   Public Health   
Topic: Poor Laws of Switzerland. [Near Chamouni, destitute old people and orphaned children spend some time in each household in the community, until they have stayed with everyone, then begin the round again]

Issue: 066, 28/01/29 p. 63, Section: Popular Literature
Heading: Romantic, Para 5
Category: Geography   Alps   Hunting   Goats   
Topic: Love of Danger. [Saussure`s account of the chamois hunters of the Alps]

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Issue: 066, 28/01/29 p. 55
Heading: Medical Reform
Category: Medicine   Nervous System   Nervous Disorders   
Title: Analytic Physiology; Treating of the Cure of Nervous Diseases, by External Applications to the Spine. Second edition
Author: HOOD, Samuel   

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