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Issue: 068, 11/02/29 p. 94, Section: Miscellaneous Notices
Heading: Greece, Para 5
Category: Geography   Demography   Greece   
Topic: [Statistical information on the thirteen new departments which make up the United States of Independent Greece]

Issue: 068, 11/02/29 p. 94, Section: Miscellaneous Notices
Heading: The Copernican System, Para 3
Category: Astronomy   
Topic: [Copernicus was first in proving that the earth moves. According to a calculation based on his own account of his work, this must have been as early as the year 1516. Celio Calcagnini was an "erudite scholar" but recent suggestions that he was the first "reformer of the solar system", are wrong]
Source: Copernicus: De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium   

Issue: 068, 11/02/29 p. 95
Heading: Mr Buckingham`s Lectures
Category: Geography   Asia   Trade   
Topic: [Notice of Buckingham`s recent course of lectures to show the commercial possibilities in the East once the monopoly of the East India Company has been removed]
Person: BUCKINGHAM, James Silk   
Source: Manchester Guardian   

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Issue: 068, 11/02/29 p. 86
Heading: Antiquities of North America
Category: Anthropology   
Title: Account of the earlier Inhabitants of North America; and of the Memorials of them now extant; (Originally Nachrichten uber die fruhern Einwohnern, Etc)
Author: ASSALL, F. W.   
Issue: 068, 11/02/29 p. 92
Heading: Hum Chi Bung
Category: Geography   China   Engineering   Roads   
Title: Practical Considerations on the Road Question; with a brief examination of the impolicy of endangering the vested interests of the numerous classes dependent on the maintenance of the ancient system, and an appeal to the wisdom of the Chinese people against the delusive speculations of rash and unprincipled Speculators. Pekin; in the year of the world 872.344.697. (Chinese date)--i.e. A.D. 1828; (Originally Hum Chi Bung quee ick-er-ee ev-enn pi quat-si ching dol)
Author: LOLL-LE-POP   
Attribution: Mandarin of Three Tails, and Grandee of Five Rows of Buttons
Chinese; 1828
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