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Issue: 072, 11/03/29 p. 154-155
Heading: The Danube. Recollections of a Summer Excursion
Category: Geography   Rivers   Danube   
Topic: [Long descriptive article about the slow journey through Germany to Austria, by boat down the Danube. Short discussion of its suitability for steam navigation]
Person: BRAHE, Tycho   KEPLER   

Issue: 072, 11/03/29 p. 156, Section: Foreign Varieties
Heading: Heligoland, Para 1
Category: Geography   Denmark   
Topic: [Statistical and factual information on Heligoland, abstracted from a new book]
Person: VON-DER-DICKEN, General (of the Hanoverian artillery)   
Source: Von-der-Dicken: A Philosophical, Historical, and Geographical Inquiry on the subject of this island [Heligoland]   

Issue: 072, 11/03/29 p. 156, Section: Foreign Varieties
Heading: The Prussian Universities, Para 3
Category: Geography   Germany   Education   
Topic: The Prussian Universities. [Numbers of students. Announcement that a statistical return is also awaited from the "Almas Matres Borussorum"]

Issue: 072, 11/03/29 p. 157, Section: Foreign Varieties
Heading: The Netherlands Universities, Para 5
Category: Geography   Netherlands   Education   Public Administration   
Topic: The Netherlands Universities. [A statistical breakdown of grants awarded to the institutions]

Issue: 072, 11/03/29 p. 158-159, Section: Popular Literature
Heading: Picturesque, Para 4
Category: Mountains   Geology   Literature   
Topic: Scene in the Blue Mountains. [Descriptive passage, wondering at the nature of the scene described. Did the mountains come first, and then the river? See also subsequent paragraph, p. 159, which gives a mythical equivalent to the meeting of the Shenandoah and Potowmac in a Coleridge poem]
Source: Jefferson`s Virginia   

Issue: 072, 11/03/29 p. 159, Section: Popular Literature
Heading: Romantic, Para 5
Category: Rivers   Literature   Mythology   
Topic: The Chasm River. [Coleridge poem, meant to be read immediately after the paragraph "Picturesque" -- "Scene in the Blue Mountains", p.158-159]
Person: COLERIDGE   

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Issue: 072, 11/03/29 p. 147-149
Heading: Natural History
Category: Natural History   Ecology   Agriculture   Christian Religion   Philosophy   Ornithology   
Title: The Journal of a Naturalist
Author: ANON   

Issue: 072, 11/03/29 p. 151-152
Heading: The Dry Rot
Category: Engineering   Inventions   Ships   Timber   
Title: The Cause of Dry Rot Discovered: with a Description of a Patent Invention for preserving Decked Vessels from dry Rot and Goods on board from damage by Heat
Author: GEORGE, John   
Attribution: Barrister-at-law

Issue: 072, 11/03/29 p. 152
Heading: Popular Medicine
Category: Medicine   Health   Nursing   
Title: The Manual for Invalids
Author: ANON   
Attribution: By a Physician

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