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Issue: 077, 15/04/29 p. 225
Heading: Autographs
Category: Psychology   Communication   
Topic: [Can one tell character from handwriting? The article contains comments on certain occult arts which are not taken seriously and impressions of the handwriting of eminent persons]
Person: CARSTAIRS, Mr.   

Issue: 077, 15/04/29 p. 232
Heading: New Arctic Expedition
Category: Geography   Arctic   Steam Power   
Topic: New Arctic Expedition. [A steam vessel will be used for the first time in Captain Ross`s expedition]
Person: ROSS, Capt.   

Issue: 077, 15/04/29 p. 234
Heading: The Querist. No. III
Category: Philosophy   Language   Logic   

Issue: 077, 15/04/29 p. 239, Section: Foreign Varieties
Heading: Ascent of the Jungfrau and Grimsel, Para 2
Category: Geography   Alps   
Topic: [Unsuccessful attempt by "a celebrated naturalist of Solothurn" to climb the Jungfrau, followed by an attempt on the Grimsel]

Issue: 077, 15/04/29 p. 239, Section: Foreign Varieties
Heading: China -- Its Name, Para 3
Category: Philology   
Topic: [Derivation of the word China]

Issue: 077, 15/04/29 p. 239, Section: Foreign Varieties
Heading: Science in Russia, Para 4
Category: Science   Geography   Russian Empire   
Topic: [Purchase of natural history collections in St. Petersburg]
Person: BIBERSTEIN, Marshal von   STROJEU, Counsellor   MENETRIES, M.   
Institution: Imperial Academy of Arts and Sciences, St. Petersburg   Zoological Museum, St. Petersburg   

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Issue: 077, 15/04/29 p. 227-229
Heading: Constable`s Miscellany
Category: Geography   Norway   
Title: Constable`s Miscellany, Vol. 38. A Personal Narrative of a Journey through Norway, part of Sweden, and the Islands and States of Denmark
Author: CONWAY, Derwent   
Attribution: Author of "Solitary Walks through many Lands"

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