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Issue: 081, 13/05/29 p. 297
Heading: Arachne -- A Meditation
Category: Entomology   Ecology   Natural History   
Topic: [Anonymous eulogistic tract, marvelling at spiders and finally suggesting the ascendancy of insects over mankind]

Issue: 081, 13/05/29 p. 300
Heading: The Royal Institution
Category: Engineering   
Topic: [Models of Brunel`s block machinery demonstrated by Farraday]
Institution: Board of Admiralty   Royal Institution   
Demonstration, May, 1829
Issue: 081, 13/05/29 p. 303, Section: Varieties
Heading: Russian Libraries, Para 2
Category: Geography   Russian Empire   Education   Libraries   
Topic: [Statistics on size of libraries, nature of collections, languages represented including Polish and Japanese]

Issue: 081, 13/05/29 p. 303, Section: Varieties
Heading: Universal Catalogue of MSS, Para 4
Category: Libraries   
Topic: [Haenel`s Catalogue, mentioned in issue 79, p.294, also contains law material]
Person: HAENEL, Professor   

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Issue: 081, 13/05/29 p. 289-290
Heading: Progress and Prospects of Society
Category: Political Economy   Industry   Social Welfare   Education   
Title: Sir Thomas More: or, Colloquies on the Progress and Prospects of Society
Author: SOUTHEY, Robert   
Attribution: Poet Laureate

Issue: 081, 13/05/29 p. 294-295
Heading: Tales of a Physician
Category: Medicine   Literature   Novels   
Title: Tales of a Physician
Author: HARRISON, W. H.   

Issue: 081, 13/05/29 p. 295-296
Heading: The Hamiltonian System
Category: Education   Philosophy   Philology   Language   Classical Literature   
Title: The History, Principles, Practice, and results of the Hamiltonian System, Etc. [Second notice]
Author: HAMILTON, J.   
Attribution: Author of "The Hamiltonian System"

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