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Issue: 082, 20/05/29 p. 316
Heading: Opinion of M. Geoffrey de St. Helaire, as to the Faculty of Sight in Moles
Category: Zoology   Animal Physiology   Moles   Classical Literature   
Topic: [Moles do see]
Person: HELAIRE, M. Geoffrey de St.   GALEN   ARISTOTLE   

Issue: 082, 20/05/29 p. 318, Section: Varieties
Heading: Attempt to Discover the Place of Emigration of Storks, Para 2
Category: Ornithology   Animal Habits, Personality   Migration   
Topic: [In 1813, Bornemann of Berlin fastened brass plates to several young storks, but they were not seen again]
Person: BORNEMANN, [Director]   

Issue: 082, 20/05/29 p. 318, Section: Varieties
Heading: Maternal Solicitude of Monkeys, Para 3
Category: Zoology   Primates   Man   Animal Habits, Personality   Care Of Young   
Topic: [The monkey is more intelligent young than old; its maternal instinct is particularly strong and indistinguishable from that of the human female]
Person: SAINTE HILAIRE, Geoffroy   
Source: St. Hilaire: The Natural History of Mammiferes   

Issue: 082, 20/05/29 p. 318, Section: Varieties
Heading: Meteorological Observations and Predictions, Para 3
Category: Meteorology   Inventions   Engineering   Mechanical Measuring Instruments   
Topic: [Morin, having learned all the languages of Europe, now asks for help in his researches from learned Europeans. He describes the hygrometer of Daniell and various barometers. He gives a theoretical and practical account of short-term and long-term weather forecasting]
Person: MORIN, M.   GREURY, M. Carilian   DANIELL   
Source: Morin: Memoir on the Progress of the Correspondence for the Advancement of Meteorology   
Institution: Observatory of Paris   

Issue: 082, 20/05/29 p. 318, Section: Varieties
Heading: Supplement to Buffon`s Natural History, Para 1
Category: Zoology   Ornithology   Natural History   Anthropology   
Topic: [Lesson has published his supplement to Buffon, containing the animals and birds discovered since 1788, also a natural history of man]
Person: LESSON, M.   BUFFON   

Issue: 082, 20/05/29 p. 319, Section: Varieties
Heading: Bibliography in Russia, Para 7
Category: Geography   Russian Empire   Archives   Libraries   
Topic: [Catalogue of Th. Tolstoy`s collection of Russian and Sclavonian manuscripts published by Kalaidowitsch and Strojew]
Person: TOLSTOY, Th.   
Source: Comitis Theodori de Tolstoy Bibliotecae Catalogus librorum antiquitate et varietate memorabilium   

Issue: 082, 20/05/29 p. 319, Section: Varieties
Heading: French Botanical Researches in Persia and India, Para 5
Category: Geography   Botany   Austria   Hungary   Transylvania   Moldavia   Little Tartary   Caucasus   Georgia   Armenia   Persia   India   
Topic: [The French expedition across Europe to India, to make a botanical garden at Pondicherry. Belanger`s journey took from 1825 to 1826 and resulted in vast collections of dried and living plants and seeds (also fish, birds, crustaceans and molluscs), extensive planting, written reports and curious archival material]
Person: BELANGER, M.   WALLICH, Dr. Nathaniel   
Institution: Museum of Natural History, Paris   Societe Asiatique   

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Issue: 082, 20/05/29 p. 306-308
Heading: Journal of an Embassy to Ava
Category: Geography   Burma   Palaeontology   Botany   Social Anthropology   
Title: Journal of an Embassy from the Governor-General of India to the Court of Ava, in the Year 1827. With an Appendix, containing a Description of Fossil Remains, by Professor Buckland and Mr. Clift
Author: CRAWFURD, John   
Attribution: F. R. S.; F. L. S.; F. G. S.

Issue: 082, 20/05/29 p. 308
Heading: The Hamiltonian System
Category: Education   Philosophy   Philology   Language   Classical Literature   Mathematics   Mineralogy   
Title: The History, Principles, Practice, and Results of the Hamiltonian System, Etc. [Third notice]
Author: HAMILTON, J.   
Attribution: Author of "The Hamiltonian System"
Institution: Morning Chronicle   Westminster Review   Edinburgh Review   

Issue: 082, 20/05/29 p. 312
Heading: Anecdotes of Dogs
Category: Domestic Animals   Animal Habits, Personality   
Title: Biographical Sketches and Authentic Anecdotes of Dogs, Etc., Etc.
Author: BROWN, Capt. Thomas   

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