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Issue: 088, 01/07/29 p. 409
Heading: Dialogue between Various Men and Women upon Various Subjects. An Introductory Chapter. Concerning Tintern Abbey
Category: Geography   British Isles   Philosophy Of Civilization   
Topic: [Fictional account of a sightseeing tour in which the protagonists` differences of character and opinion are reconciled by their common feeling for nature. The relationship between humans and nature is then considered on a grand scale in a description of Tintern Abbey]
Dramatic Dialogue
Issue: 088, 01/07/29 p. 412
Heading: Royal College of Physicians
Category: Medicine   Infectious Diseases   Yellow Fever   Botany   
Topic: [Tenth Conversazione. Report on the enquiry into an epidemic of yellow fever in Gibraltar. Extent. Source in a ship from the Havannah. Cordon of Spanish ports. Investigation into whether immunity follows one attack. At the same meeting, an exhibition of medicinal plants]
Person: HALFORD, Sir Henry   MACMICHAEL, Dr.   ILIFF, Mr.   
Institution: Royal College of Physicians   Colonial Department   
Issue: 088, 01/07/29 p. 412
Heading: The Horticultural Fete
Category: Horticulture   
Topic: [Light journalistic report on a rainy fete at the Horticultural Gardens]
Source: Morning Post   The Observer   The Times   

Issue: 088, 01/07/29 p. 414
Heading: English Periodical at Dresden
Category: Periodicals   Science   Literature   
Topic: [New English periodical at Dresden, called The Garland, including extracts from English-language material in: modern literature, inventions, discoveries, biographical memoirs, short tales and poetry]

Issue: 088, 01/07/29 p. 414
Heading: Inflation of the Lungs of Newly-Born Infants
Category: Medicine   Paediatrics   
Topic: [Case of an apparently lifeless baby, about to be dissected, who started to breathe when given artificial respiration]
Institution: Academie des Sciences   

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Issue: 088, 01/07/29 p. 402-404
Heading: Travels in Turkey
Category: Geography   Medicine   Turkey   Egypt   Nubia   Palestine   
Title: Travels in Turkey, Egypt, Nubia, and Palestine, in 1824, 1825, 1826, and 1827
Author: MADDEN, R. R.   
Attribution: M. R. C. S.

Issue: 088, 01/07/29 p. 404-406
Heading: Phenomena of the Human Mind
Category: Philosophy   Psychology   Science   
Title: Analysis of the Phenomena of the Human Mind. (Concluded from p. 373) [Second notice]
Author: MILL, James   

Issue: 088, 01/07/29 p. 408
Category: Geography   Canada   
Title: Forest Scenes and Incidents in the Wilds of North America
Author: HEAD, George   

Issue: 088, 01/07/29 p. 408
Category: Medicine   Gynaecology   
Title: Synopsis of Midwifery, shewing the Management of natural and difficult Labours--their Consequences, and Treatment. [Second edition]
Author: GOODEVE, Henry Hurrey   EVANS, Thomas   
Attribution: Late house-pupils to Dr. G. Hopkins, Physician, Accoucheur to the Wives of Soldiers of the Three Regiments of Foot Guards, to the Westminster and Sourhwark Lying-in Institutions, Lecturer on Midwifery, Etc

Issue: 088, 01/07/29 p. 408
Heading: The Hebrew Language
Category: Philology   Language   
Title: The Elements of the Hebrew Language
Author: HURWITZ, Hyman   
Attribution: Author of "Vindiciae Hebraicae"

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