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Issue: 092, 29/07/29 p. 473-474
Heading: Shades of the Dead. No. III.--Columbus
Category: Geography   Exploration   The Americas   Classical Mythology   Folklore   Christian Religion   
Topic: [Article, in a series on influential individuals in history. Columbus is perceived as the person most responsible for banishing the superstitions of the ancient world. However, he did not "resemble the idols of the nineteenth century". His enterprise was done more in the spirit of the reformation; technical or mechanical mastery of the material world was a means of realizing a vision, not an end in itself. Nor did Columbus relinquish religious faith]

Issue: 092, 29/07/29 p. 476-477
Heading: Collection of Minerals at the Western Exchange
Category: Mineralogy   Palaeozoology   Natural History   
Topic: [Mr. Walker`s collection of natural objects, incidentally on display at the Western Exchange, beside a model of York Minster]
Person: WALKER, Mr.   ARTIS, Tyrell   PARKINSON   
Institution: The Western Exchange   

Issue: 092, 29/07/29 p. 477, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: Remarkable Consequences of a Fall, Para 3
Category: Medicine   Accidents   Falling   
Topic: [Extreme effects of a very short fall, without fractures, including prolonged lameness and an alteration in appetite]
Person: STEGMAN, Dr.   
Source: Stegman: Medical Observations   

Issue: 092, 29/07/29 p. 477, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: Scientific Journey to Mount Ararat, Para 2
Category: Geography   Science   Turkey   
Topic: [Dr. Parrot of Dorpat, and an astronomer, a mineralogist, a zoologist and a botanist, have started for Ararat. The Russian emperor has sent a chasseur to accompany them and a "proper pocket chronometer" ]
Institution: University of Dorpat   Imperial Institute, St. Petersburg   

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Issue: 092, 29/07/29 p. 470-471
Heading: New System of Astronomy
Category: Astronomy   
Title: Idees Nouvelles sur le Systeme Solaire
Author: CHABRIER, J.   
Attribution: Ancien Officier Superieur; Correspondent de la Societe d`Histoire Naturelle; Author of "Essay upon the Flight of Insects"; Author of "Observations upon the Mechanism of the Progressive Movements of Man and Vertebrated Animals"
Institution: Societe d`Histoire Naturelle   
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