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Issue: 093, 05/08/29 p. 487-488
Heading: Shades of the Dead.--No. IV. (The Humourists:I). Sir Thomas Browne
Category: History Of Science   Philosophy   Psychology   Literature   Science   Religion   
Topic: [Survey of the writings of Sir Thomas Browne, defining humour as opposed to satire, "the grotesque", or wit. The article contains allusions to Browne`s work in "the natural philosophy of his age"]
Ed`s Mark: W. D.

Issue: 093, 05/08/29 p. 491, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: Mode of Cleaning Buildings, Para 1
Category: Public Health   Public Administration   Town Planning   Architecture   Preservation   Chemistry   
Topic: [To clean ancient buildings, water and hydrochloric acid is better than scraping]
Person: CHEVALIER, M.   DEAN [of St. Paul`s Cathedral]   
Institution: Academie des Sciences   Ecole de Medecine, Paris   

Issue: 093, 05/08/29 p. 491, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: Phenomena on Boring for Water, Para 5
Category: Geology   Physics   Magnetism   
Topic: [A water-boring instrument became magnetized by its passage through calcareous and siliceous earth]

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Issue: 093, 05/08/29 p. 481-482
Heading: Division of Labour
Category: Political Economy   Labour   
Title: An Argument for more of the Division of Labour in Civil Life in this Country. Part I. In which the Argument is applied to Parliament. (To be completed in the next number)
Author: WICKENS, William   

Issue: 093, 05/08/29 p. 483-485
Heading: Travels to and from Constantinople
Category: Geography   Turkey   Austria   Hungary   
Title: Travels to and from Constantinople in the years 1827 and 1828, Etc. (Second Notice; see p. 435)
Author: FRANKLAND, Capt. Charles Colville   
Attribution: R. N.

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