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Issue: 098, 09/09/29 p. 567-568
Heading: Travels in Persia. (Fragments from an Unpublished Journal)
Category: Geography   Persia   Medicine   
Topic: [The reception of a European doctor in Persia. The medicine already practised there. Marriage practice. The demeanour of women. The location of Mount Ararat. The climate and melon crop]

Issue: 098, 09/09/29 p. 568-569
Heading: Letter from Caroline. To the Editor of the Athenaeum
Category: Political Economy   Science   Philosophy Of Science   History Of Science   Agriculture   Ecology   Enclosure   
Topic: [A response to "On Oikology", an essay appearing in issue number 97 of the Athenaeum. The author, "Caroline" (the Athenaeum refers the reader to "Conversations on Political Economy" between "Mrs. B." and "Caroline") particularly objects to one inference of "On Oikology", that those who embrace the science of political economy support a policy of consolidating small farms and ejecting small tenants. Caroline`s letter contains a further critique of "On Oikology" from "a gentleman, a very old friend of Mrs. B." See separate record, under the heading printed in the Athenaeum, "Critique of an Essay on Oikology"]
Letter Signed: Caroline

Issue: 098, 09/09/29 p. 571, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: Classification of the Ganga, Para 3
Category: Zoology   Ornithology   
Topic: [Those birds known as "Ganga" in Southern Europe especially, should be classed as pigeons]

Issue: 098, 09/09/29 p. 571, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: New Medicinal Drug, Para 5
Category: Medicine   Botany   
Topic: [Discovery of a black root, Kainca chiococca racemosa, known at Bahia as rair prela. It is purgative and diuretic and may be used in cases of dropsy. Caventou and Francois, who introduced it at the Royal Academy maintain, in oppostion to Braude, that it contains no emetin]
Institution: Academie des Sciences   
, 24/08/1829
Issue: 098, 09/09/29 p. 571, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: Remains of La Perouse, Para 4
Category: Geography   Exploration   Polynesia   
Topic: [Captain Derville (sic, perhaps Durville?) of the late voyage of the Astrolabe to search for the traces of the wrecked expedition of La Perouse, considers that island which Captain D`Entrecasteaux called Isle de la Recherche in 1793, to be the island of Vanikoro where the wreck was found]
Person: DURVILLE, Captain   D`ENTRECASTEAUX, Admiral   

Issue: 098, 09/09/29 p. 571, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: Twisting Arteries to stop Hemorrhage, Para 6
Category: Medicine   Morbid Processes   Haemorrhage   
Topic: [Amusat has found twisting arteries more effective in stopping haemorrhage, than binding. An artery may be twisted four times. On the fifth twist the internal membrane will break]
Person: AMUSAT, M.   
Institution: Academie des Sciences   
Paper, 24/08/1829
Issue: 098, 09/09/29 p. 571, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: Use of Iodine in the Cure of Scrophula, Para 1
Category: Medicine   Tuberculosis   Lymphatic System   Integumentary System   
Topic: [Lugol of Paris has tested the use of iodine, internal and external, in the treatment of one and hundred and nine scrofulous patients and has reported the results to the Royal Academy]
Person: LUGOL, Dr.   
Institution: Academie des Sciences   

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