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Issue: 103, 14/10/29 p. 645-646
Heading: Jacobite Minstrelsy. (Continued from page 630)
Category: Philosophy   Literature   Poetry   Anthropology   Philology   
Topic: [Continuation of the article on Jacobite songs, focussing more narrowly on the actual words of the songs, written down]

Issue: 103, 14/10/29 p. 647-648
Heading: The Scotch Student
Category: Education   Medicine   Law   Social Anthropology   Poverty   
Topic: [First-person account of a young English student`s arrival at the University of Edinburgh]
Institution: University of Edinburgh   

Issue: 103, 14/10/29 p. 651, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: Comparative Strength of Various Substances, Para 2
Category: Physics   Engineering   
Topic: [Emerson`s experiments on the weight which can safely be withstood by : iron, brass, certain woods, freestone. Also the length to which others can be stretched before breaking: cast steel, Swedish iron, English iron, cast iron, cast copper, yellow brass, cast tin, cast lead, hemp rope]
Person: EMERSON   

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