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Issue: 112, 16/12/29 p. 793-794
Heading: The Scotch Tourist. (Continued from p. 759)
Category: Geography   Travel   Scotland   Town Planning   Architecture   Urban Roads   
Topic: Edinburgh: Calton Hill, Holyrood House.
Source: Essay on Heat   
Institution: Calton Hill Observatory, Edinburgh   

Issue: 112, 16/12/29 p. 795, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: Average Quantity of Rain in England, Para 2
Category: Meteorology   Geography   British Isles   
Topic: [Abstract of] Natural History of the Weather. [Statistics on average rainfall in Britain]
Source: Companion to the British Almanac for 1830   
Issue: 112, 16/12/29 p. 795, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: Geological Inquiries of M. M. Quoy and Gaymart, Para 4
Category: Geography   Geology   Mineralogy   Volcanoes   
Topic: [Nine hundred geological specimens collected during the scientific voyage of the "Astrolabe"]
Person: QUOY   GAIMARD   

Issue: 112, 16/12/29 p. 795, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: Stone Bridge over the Avon at Bristol, Para 1
Category: Engineering   Bridges   
Topic: [The plans for a stone bridge, of three hundred feet, across the Avon, have been submitted to Telford]
Person: TELFORD, Thomas   

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Issue: 112, 16/12/29 p. 786-787
Heading: The Comic Annual
Category: Engineering   Steam Power   Literature   Poetry   Periodicals   
Title: The Comic Annual. [Containing a quotation from "Sonnet on Steam", by an "Under-Ostler"]
Author: HOOD, Thomas   

Issue: 112, 16/12/29 p. 788-789
Heading: Tales of an Indian Camp
Category: Geography   North America   Central America   Anthropology   Social Anthropology   Folklore   Colonization   
Title: Tales of an Indian Camp
Author: ANON   

Issue: 112, 16/12/29 p. 789
Category: Science   Literature   Periodicals   
Title: The Foreign Quarterly Review, No. IX.

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