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Issue: 113, 23/12/29 p. 808, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: A Musical Barometer, Para 1
Category: Meteorology   Mechanical Measuring Instruments   
Topic: [The barometer in Saint James`s Church predicts the weather "by the variation of its tone and touch"]
Person: PEARSON, Mr.   
Source: Sydney Gazette   

Issue: 113, 23/12/29 p. 808, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: Count Charles Vidua, Para 6
Category: Geography   Australia   Tasmania   
Topic: [Count Vidua will finish his nineteen-year world tour with a visit to Van Dieman`s Land]
Person: VIDUA, Count Charles   
Source: Van Dieman`s Land Colonial Times   

Issue: 113, 23/12/29 p. 808, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: The Veins of Bones, Para 4
Category: Medicine   Locomotor And Integumentary Systems   Circulatory System   
Topic: The veins of bones were entirely unknown a little more than twenty years ago..[The researches of Fleury Chaussier and Dupuytren, resumed by Breschet]

Issue: 113, 23/12/29 p. 809, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: The Post Office, Para 7
Category: Communication   Post   
Topic: [Statistics on letters brought "by twenty-four mails", on three days]

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Issue: 113, 23/12/29 p. 802-804
Heading: Travels in Chaldaea
Category: Geography   Middle East   Archaeology   
Title: Travels in Chaldaea, including a Journey from Bussorah to Bagdad, Hillah, and Babylon, performed on Foot in 1827. With Observations on the Sites and Remains of Babel, Seleucia, and Ctesiphon. [Second notice] (Continued from p. 707)
Author: MIGNAN, Capt. Robert   
Attribution: Of the East India Company`s Service; Lately in command of the Escort attached to the Political Resident in Turkish Arabia; Member of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland
Institution: East India Company   Royal Asiatic Society   

Issue: 113, 23/12/29 p. 804
Category: Education   Philology   Language   
Title: Guide to the French Language; especially devised for Persons who wish to sudy the Elements of that Language without the assistance of a Teacher. Fourth edition
Author: LE BRETHON, J. J. P.   

Issue: 113, 23/12/29 p. 804
Category: Medicine   Education   Philology   Language   Classical Literature   
Title: The Eight Books on Medicine of A. C. Celsus, with a literal and interlinear Translation on the principles of the Hamiltonian System, adapted for Students in Medicine
Author: UNDERWOOD, J. W.   

Issue: 113, 23/12/29 p. 804
Heading: Phrenology
Category: Phrenology   Craniology   Medicine   Nervous System   Brain   
Title: Phrenology Article of the Foreign Quarterly Review. With Notes from G. Spurzheim, M.D. of the Universities of Vienna and Paris, and Licentiate of the Royal College of Physicians in London
Author: CHEVENIX, Rich.   
Attribution: F. R. S.
Institution: University of Vienna   University of Paris   Royal College of Physicians   
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