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Issue: 127, 03/04/30 p. 202-203
Heading: Statistics. Conversazione at the Royal Institution
Category: Social Sciences   Demography   Mortality   Mathematics   Insurance   Medicine   Public Health   
Topic: The doctrine of Life Expectancies formed the subject of a lecture delivered by Mr. Brookes this evening. [After the lecture, Faraday announced that Drummond`s lecture on the geodaetical survey of Ireland had been postponed]
Institution: Royal Institution   
Lecture, 26/03/1830
Issue: 127, 03/04/30 p. 203-204
Heading: Academie des Sciences
Category: Public Health   Safety   Inventions   Engineering   Ships   Chemistry   
Topic: [Panillot`s plan "for the preservation of vessels from shipwreck", by wrapping the cargo in "cloth rendered impervious". Serullas` observations on chloruret of iodine]
Institution: Academie des Sciences   

Issue: 127, 03/04/30 p. 203
Heading: Royal Society
Category: Medicine   Congenital Abnormalities   Disability   
Topic: The attention of the society was principally engrossed this evening by the presence of the Siamese Twins
Person: BOLTON   
Institution: Royal Society   
Demonstration, 01/04/1830
Issue: 127, 03/04/30 p. 203
Heading: Society of Antiquaries
Category: Historical Sciences   Antiquities   Philology   
Topic: Some very ancient portraits connected with early history of England [...] the etymology of the ancient term, Attic [...] an interesting and amusing protest made in the time of Queen Elizabeth against the extension of London
Person: HAMILTON   ELLIS   HOSKING, W.   STAUNTON, Sir George   
Institution: Society of Antiquaries   
Paper[s], 01/04/1830
Issue: 127, 03/04/30 p. 206
Category: Public Health   Safety   Inventions   Fire   Textiles   
Topic: [Mr. Peel of the metropolitan police has experimented with the use of Aldini`s fire-proof dress. The experiment was carried out by "some of the sub-officers"]
Person: PEEL, Sir Robert   ALDINI   
Institution: Metropolitan Police   

Issue: 127, 03/04/30 p. 206
Heading: A Learned Pamphleteer
Category: Philology   
Topic: [Twenty-two different languages quoted in a pamphlet of seventy-eight pages]
Person: GREENFIELD   MORTON, Rev.   
Source: Asiatic Journal   Oriental Magazine, Calcutta   
Institution: Society for the Propagation of the Gospel   

Issue: 127, 03/04/30 p. 206
Heading: English Universities
Category: Social Sciences   Statistics   Education   
Topic: [Numbers of students at Oxford and Cambridge]

Issue: 127, 03/04/30 p. 206
Heading: Experiments on the Magnetic Needle
Category: Physics   Magnetism   Astronomy   Geodesy   
Topic: [The delayed progress of Humboldt`s project to observe magnetic phenomena, at equinoxes and solstices. Simultaneous observations were intended to be made at Berlin, Frisberg, Paris, St. Petersburg, the Crimea and Siberia]

Issue: 127, 03/04/30 p. 206
Heading: Extraordinary Being
Category: Medicine   Anatomy   Locomotor And Integumentary Systems   
Topic: [There is in Lille a man who can contract his diaphragm so much that he is impervious to poisons and can escape from chains]

Issue: 127, 03/04/30 p. 206
Heading: Improvements in Continental Travelling
Category: Communication   Steam Power   
Topic: [Paris to St. Petersburg, via Amsterdam, Hamburgh and Lubeck]

Issue: 127, 03/04/30 p. 207
Heading: Mechanical Collision exemplified in Pugilism
Category: Physics   Mechanics   
Topic: [When a large and small body collide, the shock they sustain is the same]
Source: Cabinet Cyclopaedia   

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Issue: 127, 03/04/30 p. 195
Heading: Greece
Category: Geography   Greece   Geography Of History   
Title: Travels in the Morea. [Second notice]
Author: LEAKE, William Martin   
Attribution: F. R. S.

Issue: 127, 03/04/30 p. 197
Category: Natural History   Periodicals   Popularization Of Science   Education   Scotland   Social Anthropology   Burial   
Title: Sketches from Nature
Author: McDIARMID, John   

Issue: 127, 03/04/30 p. 199-200
Category: Political Economy   Social Sciences   Emigration   Labour   Poetry   
Title: The Reproof of Brutus
Author: ANON   

Issue: 127, 03/04/30 p. 201
Category: Science   Encyclopaedias   Political Economy   Social Sciences   Geography   Geodesy   Philosophy   Mathematics   Physics   
Title: Encyclopaedia Britannica: Seventh Edition; with the Supplement to the former Editions incorporated. Vol. I. Part I.

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