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Issue: 131, 01/05/30 p. 265-266
Heading: Algiers in 1830
Category: Geography   North Africa   
Topic: [Descriptive essay on the geography and history of Algiers]
Essay Signed: "S."

Issue: 131, 01/05/30 p. 266-267
Heading: On the Flowing of Sand. Conversazione at the Royal Institution
Category: Physics   Mechanics   Mechanical Properties Of Solids   Engineering   Mining   
Topic: [Sand flows out of a tube with a hole near the bottom at the same rate, whether the tube was filled up with it or nearly empty to begin with. Some of the weight must be borne by the sides of the tube. The resistance offered by sand in an open pipe makes it a useful material in mining, to confine the gunpowder when blasting rocks]
Person: FARADAY   
Institution: Royal Institution   
Lecture, 23/04/30
Issue: 131, 01/05/30 p. 267, Section: Foreign Correspondence
Heading: Vienna, April 15, 1830
Category: Philology   Geography   South America   Bolivia   Museums   
Topic: [1. Princess Morusi claims to know the pronunciation of ancient Greek. 2. The most recent news of the explorer, Natterer, has come from the cidade de Matto Grosso which borders upon Bolivia]
Source: Barthelemy: Travels in Greece   Theocritus: Idylls   
, 15/04/1830
Issue: 131, 01/05/30 p. 267
Heading: Irish Horticultural Society
Category: Agriculture   Botany   Horticulture   
Topic: This society held their Spring Exhibition last week, in Dublin
Institution: Irish Horticultural Society   

Issue: 131, 01/05/30 p. 267
Heading: Royal Society
Category: Mathematics   
Topic: [...] the attention of the Society was occupied by an abstruse mathematical communication from Mr. Lubbock
Person: LUBBOCK   
Institution: Royal Society   
Paper, 22/14/1830
Issue: 131, 01/05/30 p. 267
Heading: Society of Antiquaries
Category: Historical Sciences   Archaeology   Palaeontology   
Topic: [...] Among the presents to the Society laid on the table, was a singularly interesting lithographic print of the various fossil animals discovered in divers parts of Dorsetshire, restored in body, and placed in the actions they appear fitted for
Institution: Society of Antiquaries   
Exhibition, 23/04/1830
Issue: 131, 01/05/30 p. 268
Heading: Egypt. [From a Friend at Alexandria]
Category: Trade   Communication   Geography   North Africa   Oceans   Red Sea (and Suez Canal)   Historical Sciences   Archaeology   Philology   Mining   
Topic: [The busyness of Egypt since the Suez Canal has been constructed. Complaints of the indifference of the British government to science (archaeological research) compared with the French and Tuscan governments. Some British miners have come to Egypt to bore for water and help relieve the drought]
Institution: Government of France   Government of Tuscany   
Letter, 07/03/1830
Issue: 131, 01/05/30 p. 268
Heading: Paris Chit-Chat
Category: Law   Periodicals   Communication   Mathematics   Geometry   Astronomy   Botany   Trees   
Topic: A New Censorship. [A miscellaneous column, only one item of which has a heading: 1. Printers in France serve as censors, refusing to print what might turn out to be libellous. 2. A copyright law for periodicals may shortly be introduced. 3. Poisson, who specializes in geometry, is a new foreign member of the Royal Academy of Sciences of Berlin. So is Arago who represents France in astronomy. 4. One ninth of France is estimated to be forest]
Person: POISSON, M.   LAPLACE   ARAGO, M.   VOLTA, M.   
Source: Gazette Constitutionelle de l`Allier   Revue Francaise   Revue de Paris   
Institution: Royal Academy of Sciences, Berlin   
Issue: 131, 01/05/30 p. 270
Heading: Aerolites
Category: Astronomy   Geology   Meteorites   
Topic: [A recent storm in Russia in which "stones fell from the air"]
Institution: Imperial Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg   

Issue: 131, 01/05/30 p. 270
Heading: Boring of Wells
Category: Engineering   Mining   Industry   Public Health   Water Supply   
Topic: [An English company has been given the contract to bore Artesian Wells in France]
Institution: Government of France   

Issue: 131, 01/05/30 p. 270
Heading: Longevity
Category: Medicine   Health   Climate   Meteorology   Earthquakes   
Topic: [One item with an individual title, followed by an untitled item: 1. A one hundred and twenty one year old man has recently died in Switzerland. 2. Recently there was an earthquake in Switzerland during fine weather. It did not register on the barometer]

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Issue: 131, 01/05/30 p. 257-258
Heading: National Colonization Society
Category: Social Sciences   Poverty   Political Economy   Emigration   Colonization   
Title: A Statement of the Principles and Objects of a proposed National Society, for the cure and prevention of Pauperism, by means of Systematic Colonization
Institution: National Colonization Society   

Issue: 131, 01/05/30 p. 260-262
Heading: The East India Question
Category: Geography   India   Trade   Agriculture   Social Sciences   Political Science   Colonial Policy   
Title: India, or Facts to illustrate the Character and Condition of the Native Inhabitants. Part III. [Continuation from last Number]
Author: RICKARDS, R.   
Institution: East India Company   

Issue: 131, 01/05/30 p. 262-264
Category: Geography   New Zealand   Social Anthropology   Custom And Tradition   Cannibalism   
Title: Library of Entertaining Knowledge. Vol. V. Part II. The New Zealanders. [The review is illustrated]
Institution: Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge   

Issue: 131, 01/05/30 p. 265
Category: Periodicals   
Title: The Athenaeum, an original Literary Miscellany
Institution: University of Glasgow   

Issue: 131, 01/05/30 p. 265
Category: Social Sciences   Political Economy   Law   
Title: Juridical Letters addressed to the Rt. Hon. Robert Peel, in reference to the present crisis of Law Reform. Letter I
Author: EUNOMUS   

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