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Issue: 135, 29/05/30 p. 327-329
Heading: Shipwreck of the Blindenhall on the Inaccessible Island. To the Editor of the Athenaeum
Category: Geography   Exploration   Africa   Islands Round Africa   Geology   Volcanoes   
Topic: [Account of a shipwreck in 1821, on the "Inaccessible Island", thirty-five miles from Tristan da Cunha]
Letter Signed: "J."

Issue: 135, 29/05/30 p. 329
Heading: The Missions of California
Category: Geography   History   The Americas   Social Anthropology   
Topic: [Selected extracts from Kotzebue`s last "Voyage round the World", which "has just left the German press". The settling of California, including an account of the original inhabitants and their servitude under the monks who founded the missions]
Person: CORTEZ   ULLOA, Francisco de   KOTZEBUE   
Source: Kotzebue: Voyage round the World   
Institution: Government of Spain   

Issue: 135, 29/05/30 p. 330-331
Heading: Production of Musical Sounds. Royal Institution. Conversazione, Friday, May 21
Category: Physics   Sound   Music   Inventions   Manufactures   History Of Civilization   General Coincident Historical Considerations   
Topic: [...]the invention and subsequent improvements of the method of arranging metallic springs, as a new principle for producing a continued musical sound. [The Athenaeum links this two-column report with that in Athenaeum 124, called "Transmission of Sound"]
Person: FARADAY   DOWLER, Dr.   DAY   MANBY, Capt.   
Institution: Royal Institution   
Lecture, 21/05/1830
Issue: 135, 29/05/30 p. 331
Heading: Mechanism of the Human Voice
Category: Medicine   Special Physiology   Voice   Music   
Topic: [Cuvier endorses a memoir of Bennati on the subject of the singing voice, at a sitting of the Academy of Sciences]
Person: CUVIER   PROVY, M.   SAVART, M.   BENNATI, M.   RUSH, Dr. (of Philadelphia)   
Institution: Academie des Sciences   
Paper, 10/05/1830
Issue: 135, 29/05/30 p. 332
Heading: National Repository, King`s Mews. [Second Notice]
Category: Industry   Manufactures   Inventions   Public Health   Safety   Fire   Women   Textiles   Wool   Cotton   Printing   
Topic: [The Athenaeum correspondent returns to the exhibition of British manufactures and amongst other things, chooses items to appeal to "our fair readers"]
Institution: National Repository   
Issue: 135, 29/05/30 p. 334
Category: Communication   Telegraphy   
Topic: [The telegraph between Toulon and Paris takes twenty minutes]

Issue: 135, 29/05/30 p. 334
Category: Libraries   Russian Empire   Communication   Education   
Topic: [New public library at Odessa]

Issue: 135, 29/05/30 p. 334
Category: Medicine   Nervous System   Sense Organs   
Topic: [Cuvier will be holding a course of lectures on comparative anatomy at the Paris Academy of Sciences]
Person: CUVIER   
Institution: Academie des Sciences   

Issue: 135, 29/05/30 p. 334
Heading: Bohemia, Para 14
Category: Social Sciences   Statistics   Geography   Demography   Bohemia   Czechoslovakia   
Topic: [Statistics on population increase in Bohemia, 1772 to date]

Issue: 135, 29/05/30 p. 334
Heading: Cochin-Chinese, Para 13
Category: Geography   Politics   Cochin China   Vietnam   
Topic: [...] it appears that this people [Cochin-Chinese] are rapidly undergoing moral and political changes. Chinese influence is [...]gaining ground

Issue: 135, 29/05/30 p. 334
Heading: French Statistic Society, Para 5
Category: Social Sciences   Statistics   Agriculture   
Topic: [The "Societe de Statistique" is mentioned for its usefulness. The Athenaeum believes a British counterpart is bound to follow. The most recent meeting of the French society "communicated extensive researches upon the corn crops in France"]
Person: CHAPTAL, Count   
Institution: Societe de Statistique   

Issue: 135, 29/05/30 p. 334
Heading: Hydrophobia, Para 8
Category: Medicine   Infectious Diseases   Rabies   Hydrophobia   
Topic: [Several people have been bitten by a wolf in the forest of Orleans]

Issue: 135, 29/05/30 p. 334
Heading: Prosecutions of the Press, Para 11
Category: Periodicals   Law   
Topic: [Nine current prosecutions against the press in France]

Issue: 135, 29/05/30 p. 334
Heading: Slaves of China, Para 1
Category: Geography   China   Social Sciences   Statistics   Political Science   Slavery   
Topic: [Projected extent of slavery in China, "involuntary" and "voluntary". The Chinese law relating to slaves]

Issue: 135, 29/05/30 p. 334
Heading: Vienna, Para 3
Category: Geography   Austria   Social Sciences   Statistics   Medicine   Public Health   
Topic: [Statistics on population in Vienna, 1801 to 1825]

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Issue: 135, 29/05/30 p. 321-323
Category: History   Politics   Poverty   Economics   Political Economy   Agriculture   Enclosure   British Isles   Ireland   Scotland   
Title: Ireland, and its Economy; being the Result of Observations made in a Tour through the Country in the Autumn of 1829
Author: BICHENO,J.E.   
Attribution: Secretary of the Linnaean Society
Institution: The Linnaean Society   

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