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Issue: 085, 10/06/29 p. 367, Section: Varieties
Heading: Complete Treatise on Chemistry, Para 5
Category: Chemistry   
Topic: [French edition of the work of the Swedish chemist, Berzelius, The Treatise on Chemistry]
Person: BERZELIUS   

Issue: 095, 19/08/29 p. 522-523, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: New Earth Discovered by Berzelius, Para 1
Category: Chemistry   Mineralogy   
Topic: [Summary of a letter from Berzelius on a new earth he has named thorina, which, though it possesses all the properties of those earths already called thorina (phosphate of yttria), is not reducible by carbon or potassium. No acid except sulphuric acid will attack the "new" thorina. It is in a new mineral found at Brevig, Norway]
Person: BERZELIUS   
Institution: Academie des Sciences   
Letter, 20/07/1829
Issue: 127, 03/04/30 p. 203-204
Heading: Academie des Sciences
Category: Public Health   Safety   Inventions   Engineering   Ships   Chemistry   
Topic: [Panillot`s plan "for the preservation of vessels from shipwreck", by wrapping the cargo in "cloth rendered impervious". Serullas` observations on chloruret of iodine]
Institution: Academie des Sciences   

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