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Issue: 099, 16/09/29 p. 573-574
Heading: Shades of the Dead.--No. IX. Burns
Category: Literature   Philosophy   Education   
Topic: [Essay, which in contradistinction to an earlier Athenaeum essay, "On Oikology" (Issue 97), favours experience over "philosophy", in this case as the touchstone of great art. It protests that book-learning and abstract scholarship would have been no use to the Scottish vernacular poet Burns. "He had not been nourished on the dry dust of terminologies and technical artifices, but had drawn his knowledge from the real and vital stores of the world" and, "so well had he learned to attach importance to things instead of words, that his boyhood seems scarcely to have at all suffered even from the reading `Locke`s Essay on the Human Understanding`"]
Person: BURNS, Robert   
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