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Issue: 052, 22/10/28 p. 824-825
Heading: Narrative of a Residence at Fernando Po, in 1827 and 1828. (Concluded from page 777)
Category: Geography   Islands Round Africa   
Topic: [The British party take formal possession of the colony at Fernando Po. Opposition from an indigenous chief. The ingredients of a native body dye investigated. Climate and general prospects of life in the new colony discussed]
Person: OWEN, Captain   HOLMAN, James   HARRISON, Captain   COWEN, Surgeon   JEFFERY   CARTER, Dr. (R.N.)   VIDAL, Lieut.   WOOD, Mr.   BADGELEY, Lieut.   MENDS, Lieut.   MORRISON, Lieut.   ABBOTT, Lieut.   MATTHEWS, Ensign   LIVERPOOL, Tom   GUNDOE, Ben   

Issue: 133, 15/05/30 p. 298
Heading: Royal Society. Thursday, May 13
Category: Historical Sciences   Archaeology   
Topic: [Description of a] Mummy found in Peru
Person: CARTER, Dr. (R.N.)   SABINE, Capt.   
Paper, 13/05/1830
Issue: 134, 22/05/30 p. 316
Heading: Royal Society. Thursday, May 20
Category: Astronomy   Science   Professional Ethics   Social Relations   Medicine   Urogenital System   
Topic: [Report refers to an angry discussion involving the astronomer, Mr. South, without giving further details. Baron Heurteloup`s paper on dealing with calculi (stones) in the bladder without cutting, is postponed]
Person: SOUTH   GILBERT, Davies   SABINE, Capt.   HEURTELOUP, Baron   COSTELLO   CARTER, Dr. (R.N.)   
Institution: Royal Society   College of Surgeons   
, 20/05/1830
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