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Issue: 154, 09/10/30 p. 638
Heading: A Scientific Harvest, Para 11
Category: Botany   Classification   Mineralogy   Zoology   Entomology   
Topic: [A quotation from Von Humboldt on Hemprich and Ehrenberg`s travels.] "They collected as if collecting alone had been the object of their pursuits..." [Numbers and types of specimens]
Institution: Royal Academy of Sciences, Berlin   
Ed`s Mark: SMITH

Issue: 155, 16/10/30 p. 654
Heading: Colour of the Red Sea, Para 12
Category: Physics   Optics   Light   Biology   
Topic: [Ehrenberg says the colour of the Red Sea comes from an Oscillatoria, "one of those Lilliputian products, which holds a place between the animal and vegetable kingdoms"
Person: EHRENBERG   
Source: Ehrenberg: Travels in Egypt   
Ed`s Mark: SMITH

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