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Issue: 010, 26/02/28 p. 151
Heading: New Process for the Manufacture of Ultramarine
Category: Chemistry   Chemical Industry   
Topic: [Artificial method of making Ultramarine pigment, invented by Tunel, the French inspector of powder and saltpetre]
Person: TUNEL, M.   GAY-LUSSAC   DESOUNES, M. Clement   
Institution: Academie des Sciences   

Issue: 064, 14/01/29 p. 30, Section: Foreign Notices
Heading: Diamond produced from Carbon, Para 7
Category: Mineralogy   Chemistry   
Topic: Diamond produced from Carbon. [M. Arago affirms that he has crystallized carbon and obtained a substance called "diamonds"]

Issue: 085, 10/06/29 p. 367, Section: Varieties
Heading: M. Gay-Lussac`s Lectures on Chemistry, Para 6
Category: Chemistry   
Topic: [A series of lectures has been published in book-form]
Person: GAY-LUSSAC   

Issue: 107, 11/11/29 p. 714
Heading: Visit of Baron Humboldt to the Ural Mountains
Category: Geography   Russian Empire   China   Geology   Palaeontology   Engineering   Gold Mining   
Topic: [Two letters from Baron Humboldt read at the French Academy, the first describing his trip to the gold mines of Borosowsk, the mines of Malachite, of Gumeselesski, Tagilsk, and the washings of gold and platina, the second describing an excursion to the frontiers of the Chinese empire]
Institution: Academie des Sciences   
Letter[s], 11/11/29
Issue: 107, 11/11/29 p. 715, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: Aldini`s Fire-Proof Dress, Para 2
Category: Inventions   Public Health   Safety   Textiles   Fire   
Topic: [Aldini`s fire-proof dress has been demonstrated before the French Academy and Aldini consequently invited to apply for the Monthyon prize]
Person: ALDINI   DAVY, Sir Humphrey   GAY-LUSSAC   
Institution: Academie des Sciences   

Issue: 110, 02/12/29 p. 762
Heading: The Plague
Category: Medicine   Public Health   Disinfection   Infectious Diseases   Plague   
Topic: [A French expedition with the following aims: "1. To investigate the causes of the insalubrity of Egypt; 2. To examine whether the plague originates in that country; and 3. To ascertain the effect of chloride of lime and soda as a remedy for the malady, as the means of disinfecting the habiliments and habitations of those who had had the disorder"]
Person: D`ARCET   GAY-LUSSAC   ST. JEAN D`ACRE, Pasha of   TRIPOLI, Governor of   
Source: Revue Encyclopedique   

Issue: 150, 11/09/30 p. 575
Heading: Height of the Caucasus, Para 11
Category: Geography   Geodesy   Mountains   Caucasus   Alps   Physics   Magnetism   
Topic: [The highest mountains in the Caucasus are higher than Mont Blanc. The force of magnetism is affected by altitude]

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