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Issue: 042, 13/08/28 p. 669, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Animated Nature. (Anthropology), Para 7
Category: Medicine   Morbid Processes   
Topic: Extraordinary Suspension of Life. [The vital principle continues to apply to the body after the vital functions stop]
Person: HUNTER   HOME, Sir E.   

Issue: 059, 10/12/28 p. 928, Section: Popular Literature
Heading: Picturesque, Para 8
Category: Botany   Trees   Literature   
Topic: The Cowthorpe Oak. [The huge dimensions of a very old oak which features in Strutt`s book of tree etchings, Sylva Britannica. The tree does not seem much changed in 1828 from its description by Dr. Hunter in his "Notes on Evelyn", one hundred years earlier. A stanza of poetry which seems to fit the atmosphere and history of the tree is quoted anonymously]
Person: HUNTER   EVELYN   STRUTT, [George Jacob]   
Source: Strutt: Sylva Britannica, 25   

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