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Issue: 041, 06/08/28 p. 651, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Animated Nature. (Mazology), Para 8
Category: Zoology   Music   
Topic: Musical Animals. [Animals` response to music: dogs, horses, bulls, oxen, fish, dolphins, seals]
Person: SOUTHEY   LAING   ORPHEUS   SCORESBY   SCOTT, Sir Walter   FLACCUS, Valerius   

Issue: 089, 08/07/29 p. 427-428
Heading: Timbuctoo
Category: Geography   North Central Africa   
Topic: [Paper by de Hemso, offering information on Timbuctoo: its name, population, history, social customs, government, architecture, position of women and further reading]
Person: HEMSO, M. Graborg de   BATTUTA, Mohammed Ibn   SCHIABINI   ROSE   DUPUIS, M.   LAING   
Source: Antologia, January 1829   
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