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Issue: 058, 03/12/28 p. 924, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Useful Arts. (Medicine), Para 1
Category: Medicine   Respiratory System   
Topic: Pretended Cure for Consumption. [An ointment hailed as an innovation in the treatment of consumption, is already widely known among doctors]
Person: LONG, St. John   JENNER, Dr.   

Issue: 149, 04/09/30 p. 556
Heading: The Literary Gazette
Category: Periodicals   Communication   
Topic: [Cry against the habit of "puffing", the journalistic practice of writing favourable criticisms of a particular publisher`s forthcoming books and devoting most column inches to these]
Person: LONG, St. John   GLEIG   
Source: Literary Gazette   New Monthly   Court Journal   National Library, series published by Colburn and Bentley   Family Library, series published by Mr. Murray   

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