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Issue: 100, 23/09/29 p. 603, Section: Miscellanies
Heading: Arabic Translations of Malte-Brun, Para 14
Category: Geography   Maps   
Topic: [The Geography of Malte-Brun has been translated into Arabic by Egyptians in Paris. They are now ordered to translate it into Turkish]
Person: MALTE-BRUN   BRUE   

Issue: 141, 10/07/30 p. 427
Heading: On the Natural Resources of Algiers. By G. de Hemso, late Consul-General of Sweden to the Regency of Tunis. To the Editor of the Athenaeum. London, June 1830
Category: Geography   North Africa   Algeria   Mountains   Geology   Mineralogy   Botany   Agriculture   Zoology   Hunting   Social Anthropology   
Topic: [Letter to the Athenaeum from Smith containing extensive quotations from his friend De Hemso on Algiers. De Hemso`s account of Algiers is presented as fresh and original, observed at first hand, compared with "the thousand and one histories, descriptions and anecdotes, which temporary interest has heaped upon Algiers" and mostly taken from "Malte-Brun, Bruce, Pananti, and company"]
Letter Ed`s Mark: SMITH

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