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Issue: 060, 17/12/28 p. 955-956, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Animated Nature. (Icthyology), Para 7
Category: Palaeontology   Fossils   Palaeozoology   
Topic: Fish in Chalk. [Mantell has found more than twelve species of "antediluvian fish" near Lewes. There are several sorts of sharks, a pike, a salmon, an eel but they are different from their modern equivalents]
Person: MANTELL   

Issue: 067, 04/02/29 p. 78, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Animated Nature. (Sauriology), Para 6
Category: Palaeontology   
Topic: English Crocodiles. [Six instances of the remains of what seem to be crocodiles are listed. Cuvier believes the crocodiles are "of a species distinct from the recent kinds"]
Person: DELUC, M. G. A.   CUVIER   JOHNSTONE (of Bristol)   MANTELL   YOUNG   WOOLLER   
Source: Cuvier: Recherches vol. ii   Webster: Geological Transactions vol ii   Geology of England and Wales   Edinburgh Philosophical Journal   

Issue: 121, 20/02/30 p. 101
Heading: Fossil Remains of Sussex, Para 1
Category: Palaeontology   Fossil Molluscs   Fossil Reptiles   
Topic: [Paraphrase, one and a half columns long, of an article from the January "Magazine of Natural History", describing Mantell`s museum in Lewes. Not only does the museum contain the best collection of chalk fossils in the country but Mantell has made further discoveries in the layers below the chalk, of the bones of "vertebrated animals, some of which were of enormous magnitude" in the beds of Weald clay, sand and sandstone]
Source: Magazine of Natural History   

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