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Issue: 021, 04/04/28 p. 333
Heading: Varieties -- Selected from Recent Letters of Continental Correspondents, Para 9
Category: Medicine   Urology   
Topic: [Dr. Civiale of Paris named as the inventor of a method of breaking stones in the bladder]
Person: AUSTRIA, Emperor of   NETHERLANDS, King of   CIVIALE, Dr.   

Issue: 067, 04/02/29 p. 79
Heading: Varieties, Para 4
Category: Medicine   Botany   
Topic: Medico-Botanical Society. [New members elected. Earl Stanhope, President, invested with the gold chain of office]
Person: NETHERLANDS, King of   DENMARK, King of   BERMUDEZ, Chevalier de Zea   MAHON, Viscount   POWIS, Earl   STANHOPE, Earl   

Issue: 130, 24/04/30 p. 254
Category: Engineering   
Topic: A patent for boring wells to a great depth [...] granted [...] to an inhabitant of Brussels
Person: NETHERLANDS, King of   

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