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Issue: 067, 04/02/29 p. 65-66
Heading: The Vision of a Godless World. (From the German of John Paul Richter)
Category: Religion   Science   
Topic: [Extensive tract of poetical prose recounting a visionary dream. The dream reconciles atheism with a belief in immortality]
Person: RICHTER   
Signed: I. C. H.

Issue: 069, 18/02/29 p. 97
Heading: Modern English Wit. No. I
Category: Philosophy   Psychology   Science   
Topic: [Essay on wit, containing a sardonic reference to] the great improvement which has taken place in the feelings of society, the taste for discussion upon important questions, the very thinking habits of the present age, - short, Sir, the disposition to study THINGS [which] allow[s] no room for that play upon WORDS which delighted our ancestors.

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