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Issue: 038, 16/07/28 p. 602, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Animated Nature. (Anthropology), Para 9
Category: Medicine   Health   Clothing   
Topic: Warm Clothing. [Consumption unknown in Scotland, according to the old people quoted in Dr. Southey`s book, "before the warm Scottish plaiding was exchanged for the thin, fine, cold English cloth, and woollen cotton".]
Person: SOUTHEY   

Issue: 041, 06/08/28 p. 651, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Animated Nature. (Mazology), Para 8
Category: Zoology   Music   
Topic: Musical Animals. [Animals` response to music: dogs, horses, bulls, oxen, fish, dolphins, seals]
Person: SOUTHEY   LAING   ORPHEUS   SCORESBY   SCOTT, Sir Walter   FLACCUS, Valerius   

Issue: 065, 21/01/29 p. 46, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Animated Nature. (Ornithology), Para 10
Category: Ornithology   Literature   
Topic: The Heather-bluiter of the Scotch. [The common bittern is inaccurately represented in some poetry, according to the Athenaeum writer. Thompson, in the "Seasons", seems to think the bittern makes its booming call with its head under water. Southey describes its spiral flight more accurately]
Person: THOMPSON, James   SOUTHEY   

Issue: 101, 30/09/29 p. 613-614
Heading: Coleridge and the Germans. A Dialogue
Category: Philosophy   
Topic: ["Platonic" dialogue on the exaggerated regard for the German philosophers, for example, Novalis, shown by Carlyle, at the expense of the English poet, Coleridge. The diminution of Coleridge is by making him seem to subscribe to the same philosophy yet to be somehow less advanced. The differences in the philosophy and works of Coleridge and "the Germans" are stressed here]
Issue: 134, 22/05/30 p. 316
Heading: Royal Society. Thursday, May 20
Category: Astronomy   Science   Professional Ethics   Social Relations   Medicine   Urogenital System   
Topic: [Report refers to an angry discussion involving the astronomer, Mr. South, without giving further details. Baron Heurteloup`s paper on dealing with calculi (stones) in the bladder without cutting, is postponed]
Person: SOUTH   GILBERT, Davies   SABINE, Capt.   HEURTELOUP, Baron   COSTELLO   CARTER, Dr. (R.N.)   
Institution: Royal Society   College of Surgeons   
, 20/05/1830
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