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Issue: 025, 18/04/28 p. 397
Heading: Medico-Botanical Society of London
Category: Medicine   Botany   
Topic: On the specific differences existing between Melaleuca Leucadendron, and M. Cajuputi -- [Description of the two different species of Melaleuca which had previously been thought of as varieties]. [Account of the preparation of an essence of Senna].
Person: MACGRIGOR, Sir James   YOSY, Mr.   ROXBURGH   COLEBROOKE, H. T.   SMITH, Sir James Edward   MATON, Dr.   FROST   GIBBS, Robert   CAMPBELL   MORRIS, Mr.   
Institution: Medico-Botanical Society   
Paper, 11/14/28
Issue: 030, 14/05/28 p. 477
Heading: Medico Botanical Society of London, Para 3
Category: Medicine   Botany   
Topic: [On the Heyemarada, or Vandellia diffusa of Linnaeus. Useful against intermittent fevers]
Person: HANCOCK, Dr. John   YOSY, Mr.   
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