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Issue: 044, 27/08/28 p. 700, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Animated Nature. (Ophiology), Para 4
Category: Zoology   Reptiles   Folklore   
Topic: Sea-Serpents. [Is there any truth in ancient references to "sea-serpents", and modern reports of sightings?]
Person: VAN COERDON, Peter (of the Dutch fleet in the West Indies)   BROEK, P. Vander   
Source: Virgil: Aeneid   Byron: Childe Harolde, IV., 160   Literary Panorama   Old Testament: Amos ix. 3   

Issue: 048, 24/09/28 p. 764-765, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Animated Nature. (Ophiology), Para 5
Category: Zoology   Reptiles   Snakes   
Topic: The Viper. [Classical and biblical references to the viper bear out contemporary scientific knowledge]
Source: Pliny: Natural History   Old Testament   

Issue: 051, 15/10/28 p. 811, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Animated Nature. (Entomology), Para 4
Category: Entomology   Zoology   Reptiles   Religion   
Topic: King Solomon`s Spider. [Is the spider mentioned in King Solomon`s Proverbs really a lizard, the Lacerta agilis of Linnaeus?]
Person: BOCHART   SOLOMON, King   HOME, Sir E.   PAXTON, Professor   
Source: Old Testament: Proverbs xxx. 28   Bochart`s Hieroz, part ii.   

Issue: 051, 15/10/28 p. 812, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Non-Animated Nature. (Astronomy), Para 6
Category: Astronomy   Christian Religion   
Topic: Creation of the Sun and Moon. [Biblical account of the creation reconciled with the discoveries of Sir William Herschel]
Source: Philosophical Transactions   Old Testament: Genesis i. 1   

Issue: 058, 03/12/28 p. 923, Section: Popular Science
Heading: Animated Nature. (Entomology), Para 7
Category: Entomology   Christian Religion   Bees   
Topic: Honey in Rocks. [The passage in the Bible is borne out by the caves of Salsette and Elephanta which are colonised by bees]
Source: Forbes`s Oriental Memoirs   Old Testament: Deuteronomy xxxii.   

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